Monday, December 17, 2007

A first peek

Here you go. The spousal unit has dubbed them Fergus and Fergalina. I'm letting him have his fun for now.

This is what they looked like shortly before being transferred back into me first thing on Thursday morning. 6 cells each, nice size and form. That procedure was a breeze, except....

I had to drink 32 ounces of water 1 1/2 hours before the procedure. Had to hold onto it until they were done. You should have seen me fly off the table into the bathroom when the timer went off. I looked like a star sprinter.

And a parting gift...the little fellas in their new home. I've circled where they were the doc said they were, in between 2 white air bubbles.


chelene said...

Good luck, my dear. They look good. I say that as someone who has no idea what the hell she's talking about...but still, they look good to me!

BeckEye said...

Good luck!

Slave to the dogs said...

CHel - I had no clue what I was looking at either until I Googled "IVF embryo picture". They do look pretty darn good!

And thanks to both of you. Exciting times!

justacoolcat said...


So twins?